Tomcat Stripe

Stand up and stand out.

Say good bye to blah. The Tomcat Stripe will cut through the mix with its striking tone and bold look. Our unique stripe design will help you stand out on stage and the roaring P90s will make sure every note is just as prominent.

Design that inspires.

Eight stripes, two colors; one statement. The Tomcat Stripe’s seafoam and ivory color scheme provides a nod to classic offsets while it’s unique stripe pattern makes sure it commands any stage it’s on.

From clean to crunch.

The Tomcat Stripe features two P90 pickups custom designed to compliment the Stripe’s chambered mahogany body and ebony fretboard. These P90s will give you the clarity of a single coil but with the aggression and punch to cut through any mix.

Sublime Guitars Tomcat Stripe

From feel, tone and looks, the Tomcat Stripe is dripping with inspiration. The moment you plug in, you won’t put it down. To learn more and for full specs, click below and visit the Tomcat Stripe’s product page.