Tomcat Standard

All the bang, less buck.

The Tomcat Standard offers the same offset appeal as it’s brethren, but at a more cost effective price. Couple that with it’s roaring P90s, throw back color choices and our same elevated craftsmanship  and detail; you have a winning ax you wont want to put down.

There’s no school like the old school.

When selecting the Tomcat Standard’s color options, we wanted to offer a pallet that recalled the glory days of 50’s and 60’s electric guitars. That’s why our Standard’s are offered in our versions of Fiesta Red and TV Yellow.

From clean to crunch

The Tomcat Standard features two custom designed P90 pickups to give you  a tone that is as bold as the guitar they’re in. These P90s will give you the clarity of a single coil but with the aggression and punch to cut through any mix.

Sublime Guitars Tomcat Standard

From feel, tone and looks, the Tomcat Standard is dripping with inspiration. The moment you plug in, you won’t put it down. To learn more and for full specs, click below and visit the Tomcat Standard’s product page.