Globally Crafted: a new approach

Many of you may be wondering what happened to SGC. The answer is simple-nothing. When we started Sublime Guitar Co. in 2012 our focus was bringing the highest quality instruments to market and that goal remains to this day. At the beginning we set off the same as most import guitar companies and found the best factory to build our instruments at our high standards of craftsmanship. Our guitars were great, but as perfectionists, we always found one or two areas the factory just couldn’t get perfect. The problem was, as soon as we found a replacement factory that excelled at that one area, there was something else that would slip. After several years of testing and prototyping, we realized the large factory approach just wouldn’t work for us. Instead we wanted to try something new. We set out to find small workshops around the world that excel at each area of guitar production. That means one shop that did the best neck work, one that makes the best hollow-bodies, one that had flawless paint finishes and another that excelled at winding pickups.  The result was a truly crafted instrument that exceeded all of our expectations. By forgoing the large factories, we now employ the hands of master builders to craft our instruments and the results are felt the moment you plug in.

Now that we had the highest quality import guitar arriving at our shop, we wanted to ensure each guitar was dialed in to exactly our specifications. That is why every guitar that ships out gets a full setup in our Lakeland workshop. That includes setting the string depth by cutting the nut of each guitar, adjusting the truss rod and intonation. Although we loved our first guitar models, our Globally Crafted production line now puts them in a new category. With this transformation in production we new we were starting a new chapter in our history and felt we needed a new branding to match. We decided to ditch the initials and give our guitars a name that truly represented the beauty they now possess; Sublime.